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Reply Alberta
10:55 PM on December 28, 2009 
Hi Donni,
Sistah Speak was absolutely awesome! I arrived in the country just in time for the final rehearsal and opening night. The transformation of the performers was like observing a movie taping unfolding with the behind the scenes shots. Each performer was ideal for their casted lot and the dancers took ones breath away as the audience followed their interpertation of the mood with their flowing and agile body moves.
As the director, who had a cameo spot in the first act, it had to be fulfilling to see your vision actually come to life. And congratulations on the sold out crowd second night. You and the show were definately the buzz. Which was confirmed by the way at the Classified restaurant when the actress stopped by and stated she heard great reviews at the spot where theatre people gather. That was a pleasant surprise.
So, thank you and all who were involved in this success for a most thrilling experience. Hopefully, you will have the opportunity to do it again for others to obtain insight or relate to. If you will be selling copies of the performance as a fund raiser for your non profit cause for the narcolepsy research center at Stanford School of Medicine please post how I can order one. As well, for people who want to support the efforts of Multus Productions and their future events where are donations sent (address)?
In closing, again I want to thank everyone for such a warm and welcoming reception from all and applaud their greatness! Wishing you all the continued success and a multitude of blessings with your God given gifts.
Reply multusproductions
7:54 PM on December 20, 2009 
Thank you ALL who supported our production of Sistah Speak.
Reply Ryeness
11:56 PM on October 30, 2009 
For anyone who intends to come to the audition, the venue is behind the Hopewell Center.

Go to the back of the Hopewell building, then make a left. Bamboo Grove is a 3-minute walk from there. Go into the entrance on Kennedy Road, and then take the lift to the 17th floor.
Reply multusproductions
11:27 AM on October 14, 2009 
christy webb-gibson says...
Very cool choice of play.. tell me more about MULTUS- Am writing you from Vancouver (back in a few weeks) and when I left HKG I don't remember this company-
Wishing you the very best!

Hi Christy,
we've been here, just in the shadows. If you want more info about auditions, please hit us at

Best, Donni
Reply michelle
10:13 AM on October 14, 2009 
can't wait for auditions this Friday and early Nov - time to get those creative dance juices flowing!
Reply christy webb-gibson
2:46 PM on October 12, 2009 
Great choice for a play- "colored girls" takes on a whole new bunch of possibilities, in HK.
Who and when did MULTUS spring up? I've been away for 7 months.
Wishing you much success and the finest of actors!
c webb-gibson
Reply christy webb-gibson
2:41 PM on October 12, 2009 
Very cool choice of play.. tell me more about MULTUS- Am writing you from Vancouver (back in a few weeks) and when I left HKG I don't remember this company-
Wishing you the very best!
Reply multusproductions
7:50 AM on October 12, 2009 
we're very excited about the auditions on Friday Oct 16 - great talent awaits.

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